Web Hosting & Review

Organize your data efficiently in the cloud powered by Reveal InControl™.  Simple and intuitive, InControl™ technology responds to the need for law firms and corporations to meet the requirements of producing data for litigation purposes.  InControl™ helps attorneys access information in a fast, user-friendly, accessible from everywhere environment that allows them to accomplish their document review task and move onto the next.

InControl™ provides project review teams the flexibility they need to run smooth and cost efficient reviews.  The software runs on Mac, PC and iPad, with no downloads or plug-ins required by the user.  It can be accessed in any internet browser, such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Internet Explorer.  This accessibility from everywhere is unmatched in the industry.


Electronic Data Discovery

Litigation today produces millions of pages of documents, both paper and electronic, and requires an easy and efficient way to process the massive amounts of data that need to be considered. Salt Lake Legal uses the most efficient software solutions available to organize the discovery process.

LAW PreDiscovery™ helps reduce your initial processing costs, combining production-level imaging and electronic processing in an easy-to-use application. Applying LAW PreDiscovery™ as a part of our support toolbox allows us to flexibly manage all documents e.g., e-mail, instant messaging chats, Web sites, electronically stored data and effectively pre-review and cull documents throughout discovery. Using proprietary pre-culling and de-duplicating technology, this powerful software enables you to control costs by reducing the amount of data that needs to be processed. Your team can begin its review much sooner with fewer files.

Salt Lake Legal has Summation & Concordance Certified Trainers on staff which gives us the ability to teach others how to use and administer these popular database platforms.